Tarot Meditation: How to Meditate With Tarot Cards

Tarot meditation: How to meditate with tarot cards

Tarot cards—also known as the book of divination for gypsies—are some of the most popular “tools” of divining. For centuries, they have been utilized to reveal hidden truths and at the same time foresee the future for the recipient doing the reading.

They are used for spiritual growth, acquiring knowledge, deepening your life experience, and gaining tarot insights, among others. But unknown to many, they can also be used in meditation. If properly used, tarot cards can keep a conscious mind occupied and in turn, this can result in a more vibrant internal journey of the psyche.

If you are interested in learning to utilize tarot cards for reading and meditation, then you came to the right place. This article aims to give you a practical approach to reading Tarot cards and incorporating those readings into your meditation practice.

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