33+ Meditation Teachers Offer Wisdom on Your Meditation Practice

33+ meditation teachers offer wisdom on your meditation practice

Learning how to meditate on your own can be difficult, especially with all the meditation mistakes that could make meditation much more difficult. There’s an overwhelming amount of information available and it can be hard to decide where to actually jump in.

Plus, once you’ve actually committed to start meditating there’s a whole new set of obstacles you’re going to face.

The purpose of this post is to take a look at some of these common obstacles. Although every person is unique in their reasons for starting to meditate there is a common meditation timeline most fall into.

In order to help you hurdle over all these obstacles we decided search far and wide and bring in a few meditation teachers to help. Below you’ll find thirty-four experience-based opinions of meditation experts who took on the following question.

What’s the biggest (and most common) mistake you see people making in regards to starting a meditation practice?

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