Ranking the World’s Most Popular Meditation Blogs (2023)

There are a ton of valuable and engaging meditation blogs out there. Which is great! This valuable and age-old practice is steadily growing in popularity, which can only be a positive thing for our world at large.

Below you’ll find a list of the top 21 meditation blogs in the world, in terms of traffic rank and social media stats (more on how we calculated the rankings below).

The focus of the list is on blogs that purely talk about meditation and closely related topics. There are tons of large blogs that receive a ton of traffic, but instead of being strictly about meditation they also cover hundreds of other topics, think sites like Huffington Post, and Mindbodygreen.

Without further ado, here are the rankings!

Ranking the world's most popular meditation blogs


The Top Meditation Websites Ranked

Site Name Alexa Rank Twitter Followers Facebook Likes Rank
Headspace 23k 124k 335k 1
Mindful 55k 132k 435k 2
Calm 36k 35.6k 278k 3
Muse 165k 13.7k 21.8k 4
Live and Dare 246k 1.6k 4.2k 5
Wildmind 327k 7.2k 41.8k 6
Jack Kornfield 556k 104k 87.9k 7
Mrs. Mindfulness 532k 12.7k 66k 8
Free Meditation 560k 2.3k 7.8k 9
Buddhaimonia 592k 405 1.4k 10
Meditation is Easy 741k 90 1.6k 11
About Meditation 1.08 mil. 541 104k 12
The Daily Meditation 1.07 mil. 447 2k 13
Mindful Muscle 1.4 mil. 12.1k 33.6k 14
Elisha Goldstein 1.4 mil. 19.3k 11k 15
Deconstructing Yourself 1.5 mil. 12.5k 5.1k 16
What Meditation Really Is 2.01 mil. 4.9k 11.7k 17
Meditation.com 3.7 mil. 76 70.9k 20
One Moment Meditation 3.3 mil. 4k 22k 21

How the Scores Are Calculated

The rankings above are calculated by a blend of how much traffic each site receives, and how many social media followers the site has.

Please keep in mind that this list has been created mostly just for fun, and to highlight the online meditation community that exists today.

In order to gather traffic data, the site Alexa was used. It’s not the most accurate tool, but it’s rankings are calculated by a combination of unique visitors and pageviews. The lower the Alexa ranking the higher number of page views and unique visitors the site receives.

In terms of these rankings, the Alexa ranking was given higher value in comparison to social media followers. As a higher value can be placed on tangible website followers, instead of people who’ve ‘liked’ or ‘followed’ your page, but might not receive or pay attention to your updates.

However, when the social media counts for a given website are extraordinarily high, then those are given more weight.

Finally, this list is best looked at on a comparative basis. Most online traffic tools are estimations, but they can be used comparatively, so we can speak generally about which sites have the largest audiences.

Hopefully, this makes sense!

If you’re confused about this list, then please feel free to reach out and share your feedback here.

If you think your site should be included in this list, then please reach out via that same contact link above.

And of course, if you enjoyed this list, some social media love would be much appreciated, it took quite a while to put this list together.

Hopefully, the list of meditation blogs and websites above will be great sources of meditation wisdom and insight along your meditation journey.

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