How to Meditate For Beginners (The Ultimate Guide)

How to Meditate for Beginners

Do you want to learn how to meditate for beginners?

Meditation has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Ask anyone and they’ve surely heard of meditation, or are trying to learn how to meditate for beginners.

But, far from being a trend, meditation is an ancient art that extends back thousands of years. Only now, are modern sciences beginning to validate the positive effects and benefits that are possible from the simple act of meditation.

The question is: how to meditate for beginners in a way that’s fun and becomes a lifelong habit?

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25 Meditation Techniques for Beginners (Ultimate List)

Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Looking for the best meditation techniques for beginners?

If you’ve been trying to get your meditation practice going for any time at all, then chances are you’ve come across countless meditation techniques. Even though meditation at its core is quite simple, the technique you’re using might not be the best fit for you.

Lucky for you there are dozens of meditation techniques for you to choose from. If you’re just getting started it’s recommended to try a few out until you find the one that suits your needs and lifestyle the best.

Below we offer a breakdown of 25 of the most common beginner meditation techniques and types of meditation, and give you some guidance for choosing the best beginner meditation technique for you.

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23 Best Meditation Books of 2021

Best Meditation Books

Looking for the best meditation books of 2021?

Today meditation seems to be everywhere, we have apps, blogs, podcasts, courses, and books. This ancient art has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

But, how can a person easily learn to meditate? Sure, there are a ton of online resources available, but sometimes you truly want to immerse yourself in the topic and take down a good book.

There are dozens of different meditation styles and techniques available and some more accessible to beginners, than others.

Below we offer some of the best meditation books.

Each one of the books on meditation featured below can help you start your very own meditation practice from scratch, or provide you with necessary insight along your meditation journey.

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Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners (The Ultimate Guide)

Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners

Learning mindfulness meditation for beginners doesn’t have to be difficult.

Does your mind ever just turn off? Are your thoughts running you ragged? Do you ever wish you could experience peace, even if it’s just for a moment?

Well…you’re not alone.

Mindfulness meditation is arguably the simplest and most practiced form of meditation in the West. It’s a great jumping off point for beginners and can even transform into a lifelong practice.

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3+ Meditation Trends to Watch in 2021 and Beyond

Meditation Trends

Because it is such a wholesome exercise and a largely internal process, meditation doesn’t typically come up in relation to evolving trends.

Overall, the practice is pretty simple, and although there are a variety of techniques the core of the practice remains the same.

However, that doesn’t mean that new ways of practicing meditation don’t come about now and then. And now, thanks in part to the age of technology we live in today, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Below you’ll learn about some of the biggest meditation trends we’re seeing both now and into the future.

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Third Eye Meditation: How to Open Your Third Eye

How to Open Your Third Eye

If you’ve been meditating for any time at all, then you’ve probably come across ideas surrounding the mysterious “third eye”. This third eye is said to be the portal to intuition and higher wisdom. It has a variety of understandings and meanings depending upon what cultural lens you view it through.

But, for the focus of this post, we’re going to focus on how the third eye relates to meditation, and how it works as more of a sense that you can develop to add a new layer of richness to your life.

Below you’ll learn what the third eye actually is, how to open it, and what kind of benefits will usually show up when you start to open your 3rd eye.

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Tarot Meditation: How to Meditate With Tarot Cards

How to Meditate with Tarot Cards

Tarot cards—also known as the book of divination for gypsies—are some of the most popular “tools” of divining. For centuries, they have been utilized to reveal hidden truths and at the same time foresee the future for the recipient doing the reading.

They are used for spiritual growth, acquiring knowledge, deepening your life experience, and gaining tarot insights, among others. But unknown to many, they can also be used in meditation. If properly used, tarot cards can keep a conscious mind occupied and in turn, this can result in a more vibrant internal journey of the psyche.

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How to Start Meditating When You Already Feel Stressed

Start Meditation When you Feel Stressed

Your mind is running wild. You can’t calm down. How can you possibly sit still and meditate?

Life is stressful. How can you possibly find time to meditate when you’re already stressed out?

Meditation can be a great way to help make yourself more stress resilient, but did you know it can actually be used to relieve stress in the moment?

Don’t believe it, then keep reading.

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9 Simple Ways to Make Your Meditation Practice Fun and Exciting

Make Meditation Fun and Exciting

By now you know that having a regular meditation practice is good for you. You know how beneficial it can be to your body, mind, and spirit, yet it’s easy to go days, or weeks, or months without meditating.

Often, we associate negative feelings with meditation. It becomes something we “have” to do, instead of something that inspires us and we feel drawn to. Sometimes, meditation can feel a lot like work. Plus, we’re dealing with our minds, which seem to have an infinite supply of excuses to stop us from adding positive habits to our lives.

If you’ve been struggling to meditate, or it feels too much like work. Then, this post is for you.

Below we offer nine different ways you can reinvigorate your meditation practice and make it fun again. After all, the moment something becomes fun a lot of resistance to the activity drops.

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Is Coloring Really The Best Alternative to Meditation?

Coloring Alternative to Meditation

It might just be me, but it seems like coloring books are taking over the world. But, it’s not the kind of coloring book you’re thinking of.

Yes, they’re similar to the ones you used to color over the lines in as a child.

But, now they’re for adults!

However, there could be a reason for their sudden rise to fame. Coloring has been said to allow us to tap into a similar state as meditation. Is it true?

You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

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