Why Meditating Makes You Awesome

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Does meditating make you awesome? Chances are you’ve heard about it by now. In the last few years meditation has started to gain a lot of mainstream momentum. Which is an incredibly good thing.

Whether by accident, or design, the scientific community continues to churn out regular studies that continue to validate the benefits that ancient yogis and sages have been talking about for years.

Meditation works.

It makes life better. It reduces stress. And, it kind of makes you an awesome person. How? Keep reading to find out.

1. It Makes Life Better

Name one thing that makes people awesome. How about having a positive outlook on life? Now, meditation isn’t a band-aid for life.

It isn’t going to fix your problems.

But, it will make your problems and the stresses of life that much easier to get through. Thoughts of gratitude, abundance, acceptance, joy, courage, faith help to make life a little better. We become a little cheerier. Our perspective softens and we see more of the beauty of life.

When you meditate frequently life seems to change right in front of your eyes. But, it’s usually not the world that’s changed. It’s you.

2. Anger and Pain Moves Right By You

Imagine having the ability to let pain and anger flow through you.

Instead of flying off the handle and losing yourself, or your mind, you have some time in-between your thoughts and actions.

In that space is a little bit of peace.

When you’re prone to getting angry and letting the tiniest thing throw you off balance, there’s a good chance you probably aren’t the best person to be around. Meditation helps to make you friendlier, and tends to give your life a little rose-colored shine every so often.

3. Your Life Has Direction

When you’re calm and purposeful around your life you have a very different vibe around you. Your life doesn’t aimlessly get wasted. The days don’t morph into years and suddenly you’re asking yourself, “what happened to my dreams?”.

When you meditate on a regular basis you set aside some time each and every day to actually spend time with yourself.

This space removes the stresses of the day-to-day and in that space we have time for a different kind of being and thinking.

We get to ask ourselves questions free from the daily grind.

We may start to see desires and questions arise that never had time to be expressed before. Meditation helps to release you from the weight of life, and in this space you have more freedom and opportunity to explore yourself on a deep level.

4. You Become Relaxed and Chill

If you’ve seen The Big Lebowski, then you know The Dude. He’s chill, even as his world collapses around him. Now, he’s not the perfect example of someone who meditates on a regular basis.

But, he is a great example of someone who “goes with the flow”.

Meditation is a great stress reliever and actually makes you more impervious to stress over the long-run. It creates some distance between you and your thoughts, so you spend less time reacting, and more time being present.

5. You Learn How to Breathe Again

Now, breathing is something we do everyday right? Why does it belong on this list? Well…one reason.

Most of us breathe improperly. We take short and shallow breaths that make us anxious and do little to help power our bodies and minds. We let the power of our lungs go to waste.

When you meditate you learn to de-stress and let things go, this attitude, coupled with learning to breathe deeply will serve you well in life.

Building a solid relationship with your breath is an incredibly important skill for keeping your cool in today’s chaotic world.

See, meditating does help to make you awesome in certain ways. No, you don’t have to retreat to the mountaintops to be a meditator.

You can start a simple practice that enables you to experience the benefits of meditation. All while being part of this world.

Photo via Jakob Owens