About Counter Culturist

At Counter Culturist we seek to blend ancient wisdom, modern science, and practical advice to help you life the best life you possibly can. We’re dawning on a new age of human potential and we want to help you make that shift in your own life. We believe that by drawing from multiple realms of thought and various perspectives we can deliver you content that enables you to thrive.

Face it, most content out there doesn’t do much for you. You don’t bookmark it. You barely even read it.

This site was created in protest and rejection of current content norms across the internet. You deserve content that is not only useful, but makes you think.

The goal of this site is to become one of the largest personal growth, spirituality, and meaningful living websites on the entire interwebs. Yes, it’s a massive goal. But, we think we can get there with your help.

Every article published on this site takes at least 20+ hours to write. That’s a lot of man hours spent delivering you the best. We want every word we write to be more useful and elegant than the rest. No more clunky design. No more fluffy blog posts that don’t actually help kick you into gear.

We Stand for These Things

  • Deep wisdom that’s also insanely useful
  • How-to posts that actually help you build a solid foundation on the topic
  • Scientifically-backed advice (when applicable), that’s also easy to read
  • Multiple-perspective syntheses on a variety of topics, from: personal growth, to spiritual wisdom, to health, to productivity, to getting better sleep, to esoteric wisdom—to anything that helps you live the best life possible
  • Entertaining content that isn’t just filled with fluff and kittens (we also love kittens here 😉
  • Listicles that are also very well-written and badass (never thought you’d see that would you)

We hope you enjoy everything we write here. After all, it’s written for you. We want you to be able to spend hours on this site, extracting potent wisdom and actionable advice to build a life you truly give a damn about.

How We Do Business

In order to continue creating epic content for you, we need this thing to be sustainable. As a result, you’ll notice that we have advertising throughout the site. Although this slightly interferes with the reading experience, it’s one of the best ways we’ve found that we can maintain the integrity of the content.

Sometimes, we also make book recommendations that link to the book on Amazon. Whenever you buy the book through our link, we’ll receive a tiny commission. Our privacy policy can be found here.

Over time, we’re hoping to be able to shift this model and find new ways to deliver value to you, but until that time, we hope that you support us and the community here. If you want to reach out to our team, get in touch here.

We truly hope that through the digital pixels that make up this site you can turn whatever insights and knowledge you learn here and use it to level up your life, with an added dash of meaning.